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Sunday, 26 October 2008

Recent Ultralight Loggings

Not a lot of time for radio this past week, but I managed to add another set of stations to the ultralight log using the SRF-59.
  • 1630 KCJJ Iowa City, IA 0354 UTC 18-Oct-2008
  • 1480 WZRC New York, NY 2255 UTC 18-Oct-2008 Cantonese
  • 1480 WSDS Salem Township, MI 2356 UTC 18-Oct-2008 Spanish
  • 1650 WHKT Portsmouth, VA 0355 UTC 19-Oct-2008
  • 1160 WVNJ Oakland, NJ 2256 UTC 19-Oct-2008
  • 1420 WHK Cleveland, OH 2342 UTC 20-Oct-2008
  • 1160 WPIE Trumansburg, NY 1040 UTC 25-Oct-2008
  • 1160 WYLL Chicago, IL 1042 UTC 25-Oct-2008
  • 1160 WBYN Lehighton, PA 1046 UTC 25-Oct-2008
Total ultralight count: 175. Total U.S. states: 25.

KCJJ 1630 is the first station I've logged from Iowa for the ultralight log.

WHKT 1650 is a Radio Disney outlet. I've heard it many nights before this logging, but the difficulty with logging Radio Disney stations is that they all seem to carry a lot of generic network programming and identify with callsign only once an hour. So if the station happens to fade at the time of the hourly ID, you have to wait for another hour to try to ID it again.

WHK 1420 is a News Talk station in Cleveland, Ohio. This station is a real old-timer (as its three letter callsign show). It began broadcasting in 1921, and is the oldest AM station in Cleveland, and the fifteenth oldest in the United States.

WPIE 1160 is a new station for my overall log. This is a sports station located in the Ithaca, NY area.

1160 used to be a clear channel - I suppose it still is technically. In the 1970s it was one of the few AM frequencies where we could regularly hear into the western United States from the east. I heard KSL Salt Lake City, Utah many times from eastern Ontario. But now there are so many stations on 1160 that there is no chance of hearing KSL any longer.

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