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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Ultralight Loggings to the End of November

After reaching 200 stations in the ultralight log I took a few days break from ultralight DXing. When I resumed, I began using two new ultralight radios: a Sangean DT-400W and an Eton E-100. As of the end of November, I've added another 12 stations to the ultralight log, bringing the total count to 212:
  • 580 CFRA Ottawa, ON 1218 UTC 20-Nov-2008 DT-400W
  • 790 WPIC Sharon, PA 1230 UTC 20-Nov-2008 DT-400W
  • 630 WMAL Washington, DC 0520 UTC 23-Nov-2008 DT-400W
  • 1140 WCJW Warsaw, NY 1445 UTC 23-Nov-2008 E-100
  • 1410 WELM Elmira, NY 1223 UTC 28-Nov-2008 DT-400W
  • 1410 WNER Watertown, NY 1238 UTC 28-Nov-2008 DT-400W
  • 1010 WINS New York, NY 0510 UTC 29-Nov-2008 DT-400W
  • 1240 WNBZ Saranac Lake, NY 1048 UTC 29-Nov-2008 DT-400W
  • 1440 WNPV Lansdale, PA 1110 UTC 29-Nov-2008 DT-400W
  • 1490 WBTA Batavia, NY 1305 UTC 30-Nov-2008 DT-400W
  • 1450 WENI Corning, NY 1323 UTC 30-Nov-2008 DT-400W
  • 1240 CJCS Stratford, ON 1738 UTC 30-Nov-2008 DT-400W
CFRA 580 took this long to log because I have a very powerful local station on 590 which bled into 580 so much on the SRF-59 that I couldn't log anything there. But the DT-400W seeems to have better selectivity so I was able to hear CFRA using it.

790 WPIC, 1410 WELM, 1240 WNBZ, 1440 WNPV, 1490 WBTA, and 1450 WENI are all new stations for my overall log.

1140 WCJW is semi-local for me, and would be an easy catch, except that it is daytime only and during the day 1140 is swamped by slop from CKOC on 1150. I was never able to separate it from CKOC on the Sony SRF-59, but the E-100 and the Sangean DT-400W both were able to handle it. I heard it on both radios, but actually logged it on the E-100.

1410 WNER is a relog, but the last time I logged this it was still WOTT, which it stopped using many years ago.

1010 WINS was heard under local CFRB in moments of silence during a talk show on CFRB. Traffic report with mentions of Rockaway, and the Lincoln and Holland tunnels. No ID, but what else could it possibly be? This is a relog, but is my first time logging it in Toronto.

1240 CJCS: I actually heard most of this on my car radio (where the signal was fair to good). Had the DT-400W with me, so I got out of the car and tuned it in on that in order to log it on an ultralight. This is a semi-local station but I have not been able to hear it at my home. But just a few miles to the west, it comes in with a usable signal during the day. So the edge of CJCS's daytime groundwave coverage appears to be somewhere my home and there.

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