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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Some Shortwave Loggings

In late May and June I did some listening on the 31 metre band and logged the following stations:
  • 9690 China - China Radio International via Nobeljas, Spain, at 0302 in English with news show. (Good June 13)
  • 9700 Bulgaria - Radio Bulgaria, Plovdiv, at 0215 in English to North America with news magazine show. (Good June 3)
  • 9735 Russia - Voice of Russia via Montsinery, French Guiana relay at 0225 in Spanish with news magazine "Chronica" (Good June 3)
  • 9825 Germany - Deutsche Welle via Sines, Portugal relay at 0325 in German with talk show and news about Opel at half hour. (Fair May 29)
  • 9825 United States - WHRI World Harvest Radio, Cypress Creek, SC, at 0454 with religious programming. (Good May 30)
  • 9870 Czech Republic - Radio Prague, at 0302 in English. News, weather conditions in Prague. Feature item on unveiling of a statue having something to do with the anniversary of the assassination of Nazi leader Reinhard Heydrich in 1942. (Fair May 28)
  • 9880 Russia - Voice of Russia, Krasnodar, at 0240 in Spanish with news magazine show. (Poor June 3)
  • 9885 United States - Voice of America, at 0455 in English to Africa with news program "Press Conference USA". Sign off at 0500. (Good June 6)
  • 9890 Russia - Voice of Russia, at 0147 in English with music program "Kalaidoscope". ID with email and URL. IS and news at 0200. (Very Good May 26)
  • 9895 Madagascar - Voice of the People, at 0400. Zimbabwean opposition station carried on R. Nederland's Madagascar relay. Programming in English, Shona, and a third Zimbabwean language. Talk with snippets of African music. Sign on was preceded by at least 15 minutes of silent carrier. To Zimbabwe. (Fair June 6)
  • 9925 Croatia - Croatian Radio, at 0203 via German relay with news in English. IDs as Voice of Croatia and as Croatian Radio. (Fair May 26)
  • 9955 United States - WRMI (Radio Miami International), at 0259 with Radio Prague IDs in Czech and R. Prague IDs. Then at 0300 WRMI ID and into WRMI programming in Spanish. (Poor June 5)
  • 10051 Canada - Gander Radio, Gander NL at 0220 in SSB with aviation weather for Canadian cities - covering Ontario at time of listening (Fair May 29)
Frequencies in kiloHertz. Dates and times in UTC. Radio: JRC NRD-525 attached to random length wire antenna.

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