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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Ultralight Loggings

I've been busy this month and haven't been updating here as I should. Here are all the stations I logged in January 2009 using ultralight radios (the Sangean DT-400W and the Eton E-100):
  • 1410 WENU South Glens Falls, NY 2235 UTC 01-Jan-2009 DT-400W
  • 1400 WSLB Ogdensburg, NY 2255 UTC 01-Jan-2009 DT-400W
  • 1400 WAMC Albany, NY 2255 UTC 01-Jan-2009 DT-400W
  • 950 CKNB Campbellton, NB 2315 UTC 01-Jan-2009 DT-400W
  • 620 WSNR Newark, NJ 2358 UTC 01-Jan-2009 E-100
  • 1590 WONX Evanston, IL 0445 UTC 03-Jan-2009 E-100
  • 1510 WRRD Waukesha, WI 1402 UTC 03-Jan-2009 E-100
  • 1680 WTTM Lindenwold, NJ 1145 UTC 07-Jan-2009 E-100
  • 910 WAVL Apollo, PA 1215 UTC 07-Jan-2009 E-100
  • 600 WCAO Baltimore, MD 0650 UTC 18-Jan-2009 E-100
  • 1240 WOON Woonsocket, RI 0704 UTC 18-Jan-2009 E-100
  • 1110 WGNZ Fairborn, OH 2229 UTC 18-Jan-2009 E-100
  • 610 WTVN Columbus, OH 2259 UTC 18-Jan-2009 E-100
  • 1240 WHMQ Greenfield, MA 0531 UTC 19-Jan-2009 DT-400W
  • 1240 WVKZ Schenectady, NY 0705 UTC 19-Jan-2009 DT-400W
  • 1240 WRTA Altoona, PA 1022 UTC 19-Jan-2009 DT-400W
  • 1240 WWCO Waterbury, CT 1030 UTC 19-Jan-2009 DT-400W
  • 1500 WGHT Pompton Lakes, NJ 1231 UTC 24-Jan-2009 DT-400W
  • 1510 CKOT Tillsonburg, ON 1345 UTC 24-Jan-2009 DT-400W
  • 560 WCKL Catskill, NY 0708 UTC 28-Jan-2009 E-100
Total ultralight count is now 251.

The logging of CKNB on 950 gave me my fourth Canadian province. I've heard it several times since the initial logging earlier this month.

WOON 1240 in Woonsocket, RI was logged because of a DX test broadcast they did. The broadcast included regular Morse code IDs, which made hearing the station a lot easier. One DXer, Ole Forr, managed to hear this test broadcast from northern Norway!

I also logged four other stations on 1240 (WHMQ, WVKZ, WRTA, and WWCO), all on the same night. This was the result of an all-night recording session. I recently bought a small Sony digitial recorder, and on this night I let it record about nine hours of 1240 kHz. Reviewed it in my spare time over the next several days and heard four new stations. All these were new for the overall log as well.

WCKL 560 was logged one night when they appeared to have accidentally left their signal on their daytime power. This station is 1 kW during the day, but only 43 watts at night. The signal was much too good to be 43 watts. It also sounded like it was slightly off frequency, closer to 561 kHz than 560.

Friday, 9 January 2009

National Radio Club

After years as a mediumwave (AM band) DXer, I finally have joined the National Radio Club. The NRC is the oldest and largest mediumwave club in existence, being founded in 1933. During the DX season they publish their newsletter weekly, and it focuses on the kind of timely information that DXers want to get to help in their DXing efforts. The NRC is also the publisher of the best guide available to the AM stations of the United States and Canada. Ultralight DXing has turned me back into an active mediumwave DXer and so I figured that it was time to join the club.