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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Update for June 2010

I didn't do much DXing in June. Just a couple of things worth mentioning:

1. On June 28, heard Radio Cairo on 9305 kHz at 0235 UTC. Talk in Arabic, with some type of Arabic music at 0300.

2. On June 30, I heard an ID for "The Big Talker 1580" under semi-local CKDO. This is WHFS in Morningside, MD. This was at 0025 UTC (7:25 pm), sometime before local sunset, so they were most likely on their day power of 50 kW, not their night power of 270 watts. This was on the Honda radio in my car. This is a "new" station for the overall log and the Toronto log. I put "new" in quotes because I've logged this station once before, back in 2007 when it was WPGC. This is the first logging of it under its new WHFS callsign.

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