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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Three Unidentified Utility Stations

Rounding out today's loggings are three unidentified utility stations and some shortwave broadcasters. The utility stations:
  • 9030 kHz, 2248 UTC: High speed digital signal, maybe some type of RTTY.
  • 4805 kHz, 2330 - 2337 UTC: Station with "sweeping" sounding signal. May be a coastal radar station.
  • 4820 kHz, 2338 UTC: Another station with the same type of "sweeping" signal as heard on 4805.
The shortwave broadcasters:
  • WWCR, Nashville TN on 9350 kHz at 2100 UTC with show "Prison Planet" hosted by Alex Jones.
  • WTJC, Morehead City NC on 9370 at 2217 UTC with gospel music.
  • WBCQ, Montecello ME on 9330 kHz at 2225 UTC with religious preaching.
  • Radio Cairo, Cairo Egypt, on 9305 kHz at 2226 UTC in Arabic with Arabic music and talk by a woman.

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