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I am also a licenced amateur radio operator, callsign VE3LXL. Information about my amateur radio station is found on my station website.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Update for April

Here are the highlights from my radio logbook for April 2010:

1. Logged one new AM station. WGVA, 1240 kHz, from Geneva, NY. April 2, 2010 at 1800 UTC. This is a talk station in the Finger Lakes News Network. Heard it on my car radio while driving near Port Hope, Ontario.

2. Did a lot of listening on the amateur bands and logged numerous stations. The highlights are:
  • K4S, April 11 at 0027 UTC, 14248 kHz. Special event station for the Venice Shark's Tooth Festival in Venice, Florida.
  • SP2GWH, April 15 at 2030 UTC. CW from Wloclawek, Poland. 14013 kHz.
  • LZ19HR, April 15 at 2145 UTC. PSK31, 14072 kHz. Special callsign for HQ of the BFRA, for the 19th annual Hobby Radio Expo. Kazanlak, Bulgaria.
  • Also logged a lot of U.S. and Canadian amateur stations.
3. On April 21, at 0402 heard the US Coast Guard station NMN from Chesapeake, VA, on 4426 kHz, with marine weather and ocean conditions. On the next day at 0345 heard another broadcast on 4316 kHz which was parallel to 4426, so I assume it was also NMN.

4. Did some listening for shortwave broadcast stations but didn't log anything noteworthy.

Nothing to report for March.