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I am also a licenced amateur radio operator, callsign VE3LXL. Information about my amateur radio station is found on my station website.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

DX Tape 02

I've uploaded a second vintage shortwave radio recording to archive.org. This is a compilation of clips recorded in early 1977. Included on this recording are:
  • Transworld Radio - Interval signal and ID.
  • Radio Veritas ID, as heard on Radio Nederland.
  • Radio Nederland - The story of Radio Nederland's French language service interval signal (in English).
  • Radio Nederland - Clip about interference in Scandinavia from Soviet over-the-horizon radar on shortwave.
  • Radio Santa Fe ID. Probably from Radio Santa Fe, HJAF, Bogota, Colombia, which used to operate on 4965 kHz. I don't know if this was my recording of this ID, or one I heard on a DX program.
  • Radio Nederland - French language service interval signal and ID.
  • Unidentified utility interval signal.
  • Radio Alvorada da Londrina, Brazil ID - heard on Radio Nederland.
  • BBC World Service - Interval signal and ID in Portuguese.
  • Radio Nederland - Story of Radio Nederland's official tune.
  • Disturbing trends in DXing - From HCJB's DX Partyline show.
This one has also been accepted for inclusion at the Shortwave Archive podcast. I assembled these clips into this compilation sometime in the late 1970s and unfortunately I have no records of dates, times, or frequencies for these clips. Enjoy.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Shortwave Loggings

Last weekend I spent a bit of time listening to shortwave. Here's what I logged. Date was Sunday March 23, 2014 from 0520 to 0645 UTC. JRC NRD-525 connected to Sony AN-12 outdoor active antenna.

Loggings from 40 metres:
  • 0520-0530 Radio Algierienne Chaine 1, via Issoudoun, France, 7295 kHz in Arabic. Arabic music, talk on half hour. 500 kw.
  • 0530-0542 Radio Romania Actualitati, from Galbani, Romania, 7220 kHz in Romanian. Talk, ID, music. 300 kW.
  • 0548-0551 Radio Dabanga, via Vatican City, 7315 kHz. This was in Arabic, I think. Frequent IDs, talk, bits of music. 250 kW. 
  • 0552-0600 BBC World Service, via Ascension Island, 7325 kHz in English. 250 kW. Off air abruptly at 0600, followed almost immediately by....
  • 0600-0602 BBC World Service, Wooferton, UK, also on 7325 kHz in French. Noticeably weaker than the Ascension signal. 250 kW.
  • 0602-0613 Radio Romania International, Galbani, Romania, 7360 kHz in French. Talk and music.
  • 0615-0617 Radio Marti, Greenville, NC, USA, 7405 kHz, in Spanish to Cuba. Music and talk. Jamming from Cuba audible, but from my location Cuba's jamming never interferes much with Radio Marti.
 And one logging from the 60 metre band:
  • 0625-0645 Radio Clube do Para, Belem, Brazil, 4885 kHz. Very weak and heard only one partial ID. But it was in Portuguese and I compared it to their webcast, which was the same. Talk between two men, and some music.
The Sony AN-12 active antenna works very well, if you have limited space for an outdoor antenna. Too bad it was never sold in North America - I had to order mine on eBay from Japan.

DX Tape 01

Back in the 1970s, when I was still brand new to radio, I would sometimes record things from the radio onto tape. I assembled these clips onto a series of DX tapes. In the early 2000s, I digitized these tapes, and archived the files. Several months ago I discovered the Shortwave Radio Archive podcast and have been listening to it regularly since. When I discovered that the archive accepts contributions, I decided to contribute the recordings from my DX tapes. They're now over 35 years old and represent a world of international broadcasting that has now almost entirely disappeared.

The primary repository for my radio recordings will be archive.org. So far I've only uploaded the first one, DX Tape 1. The main feature on this recording is the Christmas edition of Radio Nederland's Happy Station Show from December, 1976. The folks at the Shortwave Radio Archive have also made it available through their podcast and website. If you were a listener to Radio Nederland in the 1970s I think you'll enjoy listening to Tom Meijer once again.