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Friday, 6 June 2014

1330 kHz Overnight Recording for KCKM DX Test

KCKM 1330 kHz, Monahans, Texas, held a DX test on March 22, 2014. I recorded that frequency overnight in hopes of catching the DX test. I've now uploaded the recording of that session to archive.org.

Apart from some possible fragmentary Morse code IDs heard very faintly around the 01:16 mark, nothing of KCKM is audible in this recording. However what is audible are several different stations producing a jumble of noise, with various stations occasionally being heard well enough to identify. It's a good example of what a crowded AM band channel sounds like at night when no one station is strong enough to dominate.

The stations audible at various times during this recording are:
WFNN, Erie PA, Fox Sports Radio, with sports talk.
WRCA, Watertown MA, with programming in Portuguese.
WWRV, New York NY, with religious programming in Spanish.
WSPQ, Springville NY, with oldies music.
WEBO, Oswego NY with news and talk.
WHBL, Sheboygan WI, Fox News Radio 1330.
WTRE, Greensburg IN, with country music.

For me, most of these stations are relogs. WSPQ is the closest one to me. WWRV, whose ID I heard at 0700 UTC, is a relog but its callsign has changed since the last time I heard it. WTRE is new, heard at 1100 UTC with ID (that sounded like WTRA) and country music. WHBL in Sheboygan, WI is a relog but I think this is the first time I've caught it in Toronto. And KCKM itself I am going to add to my log as a tentative, possible logging. I never got a clear ID but around 0524 UTC I did hear some very faint fragmentary Morse code IDs, the pieces of which sounded like KCKM. Not quite enough to be certain, but enough to consider it likely.

CHU 3330 kHz

I have uploaded a half-hour recording of CHU to archive.org. CHU is Canada's standard time and frequency station. It transmits on 3330, 7850, and 14,670 kHz. This is a recording made of the 3330 kHz signal on May 17, 2014 from 0358 UTC onwards.