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Sunday, 20 May 2012

New Analog TV Station Logged

This is something I didn't think would ever happen again, with the conversion to digital TV broadcasting last year in Canada, but I added a new analog TV station to the log today. Well, new to the log; the station itself isn't new:
  • CICO-TV-74, channel 18 (494-500 MHz) from Peterborough, ON, at 1511-1515 UTC. TV Ontario, parallel to local CICA with TVO Kids. Good audio, fair video. Tropo.
The reason that it's still possible to log analog TV stations is that last August's deadline for conversion applied only in Canada's larger markets. In smaller locales, stations were allowed to continue to broadcast in analog longer. This TVO outlet is one of these stations.

I also logged two other analog stations today. Both are relogs:
  • Unidentified station on channel 15 at 1516 UTC with fair signal. Religious programming. This is either WBNF Buffalo (a low powered repeater that was allowed to continue broadcasting in analog) or local Star Ray TV, a low powered broadcaster in eastern Toronto. I've logged both before.
  • CHEX-TV-2, channel 22, Peterborough, ON, at 1517 UTC with poor signal. CBC TV.

WSTM TV Syracuse

The weather was hot today and there was tropo in the air so I did a scan for digital TV signals. This yielded one (or three, depending on how you count them) new digital TV station for the log. There were three new channels, but all were subchannels of the same station:
  • WSTM-TV, Syracuse, NY, digital channel 3-1 (RF channel 24, 530-536 MHz) at 1435-1448 UTC. NBC Meet the Press. Ads. ID for WSTM. Excellent signal with occasional, infrequent pixellation and breakup.
  • WSTQ, Syracuse, NY, digital channel 3-2 (RF channel 24, 530-536 MHz) at 1448-1452 UTC. Rebroadcast of WSTQ 14 (analog) LP signal on WSTM. Infomercial from UsedCarKing.com with car ads for Chittenango, Cortland, and Cicero, NY. 
  • CNY Central, Syracuse, NY, digital channel 3-3 (RF channel 24, 530-536 MHz) at 1452-1510 UTC. Weather conditions and forecasts for central NY state.
This is the 39th unique digital station logged in Toronto. The count of digital subchannels is now 62.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

VE3WE 10 Metre Beacon

There's a new amateur radio beacon operating in Toronto: VE3WE, 28265 kHz. I received it today at 1540-1555 UTC with a good signal. Morse code, in English. Operated by the Scarborough Amateur Radio Club. 5 watts.