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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

FM Loggings

Several new stations logged on FM this month. First up, three stations received while I was at the Warsaw Caves Conservation Area near Warsaw, Ontario, on Aug. 16. These were heard on a portable radio, the Grundig G5:
  • CKYM, 88.7, Napanee ON, at 2148 UTC. Slogan: "My FM" playing soft rock. Fair signal.
  • CKOL, 93.7, Campbellford ON, at 2150 UTC. Playing adult standards music. Fair signal.
  • CFFF, 92.7, Peterborough ON, at 2155. This is the Trent University campus station. Excellent signal (expected, as I was close to Peterborough).
I also logged four new stations two days later, on Aug 18, when I was in Hamilton, Ontario, parked at the top of the mountain:
  • CJIQ, 88.3, Paris ON, at 2055 UTC. "Rock 88" playing, not surprisingly, rock music. This is a 4 kW station. Excellent signal.
  • CBLA-2, 89.1, Paris ON, at 2057. CBC Radio One, carrying CBC Toronto. 5 kW. Good signal.
  • CJBC-2, 89.9, Paris ON, at 2101. Radio-Canada (French language CBC) carrying same programming as on 90.3 Toronto. 7.14 kW.
  • CFWC, 93.9, Brantford ON, from 2101 to 2125. "Power 93" with rock music and ads for Simcoe county businesses. Fair-poor signal. Their power is 250 watts.

Mediumwave Loggings

Two new mediumwave loggings this month, one of which also gets to go into the ultralight log.

On the evening of Fri. Aug 17, WTIC on 1080 in Hartford CT went off the air for a few hours for maintenance. WTIC normally dominates this channel at night. I took the opportunity to listen for some new stations and was rewarded with two new ones.

First up was WOAP, Owosso, Michigan, which I heard from 0340 to 0413 UTC (which makes the date Sat. Aug. 28 in UTC terms). They were playing oldies and identified themselves by the slogan "The Big 1080" and referred to themselves as "Michigan's Best". This station is listed as 1 kW, daytime only, so I don't know why they were on the air this late in the evening. Maybe the listing is out of date. This was first logged on the Drake SW8, and then I tuned it in on the Eton E-100 to qualify it as an ultralight logging. This is ultralight logging 338, and is also the 380th station in my Toronto log and the 950th entry in the lifetime mediumwave log (stations logged anytime, anywhere).

After logging WOAP I set things up to record 1080 on the Drake and went to bed. When reviewing the recording, I heard a second new station: WKJK, Louisville KY, which is a 1 kW talk station. Plenty of IDs, talk, and CBS news. This is station number 381 in the Toronto log, and 951 in the overall log.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Fresh New Look!

Greg's Radio Logbook - now with a fresh new look! And the same old stale content you've come to love! But soon there will be new content so check back soon.