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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Update for January 2010

I fell behind on my logbook recordkeeping, but I'm starting to get caught up now. Just finished going through the loggings from January 2010. Here are the highlights from January.

1. Two noteworthy loggings of shortwave broadcasters:
  • RS Makadonias, Athens Greece, on 3-Jan-2010 at 2228 UTC on 7450 kHz in Greek with a fair signal.
  • Glas Hrvatske, Croatia, via transmitter site at Wertachtal, Germany on 10-Jan-2010 at 0015 UTC. This was in Croatian on 7375 kHz. Good signal.
2. Two loggings of utility stations: New York Radio, from New York City, and Gander Radio from Gander, Newfoundland, on 6604 kHz. These were at 2217 and 2220 UTC on 4-Jan-2010. These are aviation weather stations. Not new and not particularly rare, but the only utility stations I logged this month.

3. Logged a lot of radio amateurs on shortwave, mostly on the 40 metre band. All were stations in the continental United States.

4. I also made three loggings of amateurs on VHF. These are worth noting:
  • VA3WLD, Downsview, ON. 23-Jan-2010 at 1945 UTC on 2 metres (144.215 mHz) in USB, in ARRL VHF contest. Noteworthy because this was the first station I've logged on 2 metres in SSB, and the first station I've ever worked on the air on 2 metres. I only recently got set up to operate on VHF.
  • VA3WLD, Downsview, ON. 23-Jan-2010 at 1954 UTC on 50.130 MHz. He was working stations in the ARRL VHF contest. Worth noting because this is the first amateur station I've heard on the 6 metre band.
  • VE3UBL, Pickering, ON. 23-Jan-2010 at 2226 on 50.058 MHz. The first 6 metre beacon I've logged.