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Thursday, 2 April 2009

More Ultralight Loggings

Not much time lately for radio, but since the middle of March I've found time to log seven more stations for the ultralight log. Total ultralight count is now 278.
  • 1270 WCBC Cumberland, MD 2352 UTC 15-Mar-2009 E-100
  • 940 WKGM Smithfield, VA 1158 UTC 20-Mar-2009 E-100
  • 960 WHAK Rogers City, MI 2335 UTC 21-Mar-2009 E-100
  • 830 WCRN Worcester, MA 2333 UTC 22-Mar-2009 E-100
  • 790 CMAQ-R. Reloj Pinar del Rio, Cuba 0316 UTC 28-Mar-2009 DT-400W
  • 1420 WIMS Michigan City, IN 0359 UTC 02-Apr-2009 DT-400W
  • 1690 CJLO Montreal, QC 2345 UTC 02-Apr-2009 SRF-59
Radios used here: Sangean DT-400W, Eton E-100, and the Sony SRF-59.

The Radio Reloj logging on 790 is the fourth Cuban station in the ultralight log. Three of the Cubans I've logged have been Radio Reloj outlets. They're relatively easy to identify because of their regular "RR" IDs in Morse Code, which remain audible when nothing else is.

The Sony SRF-59 has excellent nulling capabilities, and the logging of CJLO on 1690 was made possible by it. I have a local station, CHTO, on 1690, but I was able to null it out almost completely using the SRF-59.

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