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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Ultralight Loggings!

The fall DXing season is here, which means I've returned to mediumwave (AM radio) DXing, largely in the form of ultralight DXing. When I left off last spring I was at 304 stations logged. I'm a bit behind on my recordkeeping, but as of October 14, I had reached 319. Here are the additions up to 319:
  • 580 WTAG MA Worcester - 24-Sept-2009 0320 UTC - Talk show. News on half hour. Promo for "Coast to Coast AM" with ID "on News Talk 580 WTAG". 5 kW. Grundig G8. (Poor).
  • 990 WXCT CT Southington - 28-Sept-2009 0357 UTC - Spanish. Religious talk. ID on hour "WXCT Southington" in English. Battling with CKGM Montreal. Listed as 80W at night but sounded too strong for that. Grundig G8. New. (Poor).
  • 850 WKGE PA Johnstown - 29-Sept-2009 0245 UTC - Monday Night Football. Under WKNR Cleveland and carrying same programming as it - audible as an echo under WKNR. Heard callsign ID slightly after WKNR callsign ID. 10 kW. Grundig G8. New. (Very Poor).
  • 990 WNTW PA Somerset - 29-Sept-2009 1040 UTC - Sunrise logging before WDCX Rochester asserted daytime dominance of the frequency. Sports scores, Ads, and "NTJ Morning Magazine" show. WNTW is // WNTJ 1490 and both are on the "NTJ Network". 10 kW. Grundig G8. New (Poor).
  • 790 WLSV NY Wellsville - 01-Sept-2009 0350 UTC - Country and western music. ID: "WLSV Real Country" and on the hour as "Your home for real country is WLSV Wellsville." News on the hour. 1 kW day, 41 watts night but sounded stronger than that. Grundig G8. New. (Poor).
  • 1300 WGDJ NY Rensselaer - 01-Oct-2009 2330 UTC - ID heard as "on Talk 1300 and Talk1300.com" (which is WGDJ's station website). 5 kW. Grundig G8. New. (Poor).
  • 1300 WJMO OH Cleveland - 04-Oct-2009 0355 UTC - Gospel music, under several other stations. Identified by comparing to WJMO's webcast at www.1490wjmo.com. 5 kW. Eton E-100. New. (Very Poor).
  • 1690 WVON IL Berwyn - 05-Oct-2009 2258 UTC - Medical ads. ID with location (Chicago). Received in null of local CHTO. Sunset logging when it was still on day power. 10 kW day, 1 kW night. Sony SRF-59. (Poor).
  • 1680 WPRR MI Ada - 06-Oct-2009 2250 UTC - Political talk show. Station website given: publicrealityradio.org. Sunset logging so still on day power of 10 kW. Sony SRF-59. New. (Fair to Poor)
  • 610 WIP PA Philadelphia - 07-Oct-2009 0325 UTC - Sports talk. ID "WIP Sports Center". Heard under semi-local CKTB. 5 kW. Eton E-100. (Very Poor).
  • 970 WBGG PA Pittsburgh - 07-Oct-2009 0350 UTC - Fox sports radio. ID with callsign on hour. Challenging normally dominant WNED for control of frequency. 5 kW. Eton E-100. New. (Poor).
  • 940 WGRP PA Greenville - 09-Oct-2009 1055 UTC - Ad for Macy's Columbus Day sale. Slogan "Classic country AM 940 and 1470". Mixing with CINW Montreal. Sunrise logging. 1 kW, Eton E-100. New. (Poor)
  • 830 WEEU PA Reading - 10-Oct-2009 2325 UTC - Science call-in show. Break on the half-hour for ads, Accuweather forecast. ID: "Voice of ??? county 830 AM WEEU". 20 kW day, 6 kW night. Post-sunset logging so not sure if they had switched to night power yet. Eton E-100. New. (Poor)
  • 1580 WVKO OH Columbus - 13-Oct-2009 2250 UTC - Religious talk. Spot for show "Catholic Connection" "here on EWTN". Weather. ID as "St. Gabriel Radio AM 1580". Callsign ID on hour for WUCO and WVKO in Marysville and Columbus (WVKO is parallel to WUCO 1270, Marysville, OH). Received in null of semi-local CKDO. Sunset logging so still on day power of 3.2 kW. Sony SRF-59. New. (Poor).
  • 1700 KBGG IA Des Moines - 14-Oct-2009 2300 UTC - Sports talk. Partial callsign on hour. ESPN network ID "ESPN Radio and ESPNRadio.com". Ads for some Iowa steakhouse and for businesses located in Des Moines. Very weak and often inaudible, and in slop from local CHTO on 1690. Sunset; 10 kW. Sony SRF-59. (Very Poor).
KBGG 1700 is noteworthy because 1700 kHz was the last remaining domestic channel on the AM band on which I hadn't logged anything on an ultralight.

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Anonymous said...

WXCT was operating at full 2500 watt day power for several months until an anonymous email was sent to the Chief Engineer of WNTP 990 in Philly. I assume he said something to WXCT since they've been at legal 80 watts at night ever since that email was sent to WNTP.