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Sunday, 12 June 2011

CB Channel 6

The only thing to report for today is this. I was tuning around 27 MHz at 16:40 UTC and on 27025 kHz I heard a cacaphony of interference, feedback, and gibberish. What I could make out was in English, in southern U.S. accents, but none of it made much sense to me. This was CB Radio channel 6. Not sure what these guys are trying to communicate when they transmit this sort of stuff.

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Anonymous said...

On channel 6 keep hearing someone saying "Mark squad mark squad Honolulu come back." Or "Mark squad mark squad transmitting all over the world." And he calls out to the time zones. Really confused started thinking maybe an astronaut because when the call out ends I hear a beep. Like a very common use beep heard in movies like gravity.