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Saturday, 15 October 2011

WSPR Receptions

Today I began once again to run my amateur station in WSPR mode. I was on for three hours but only received three stations, all near the start of the session. WSPR is amazing in the way it allows for stations operating at QRP or QRPp power levels to be received over very long distances. For example, today's receptions (all on 28,124.6 kHz in the 10 metre band):
  • LU8ENU, Buenos Aires, Argentina, at 2030 UTC running an unbelievable 0.001 watt (that's 1 milliwatt!).
  • N7NEI, Edmonds, WA, USA, at 2052 UTC at 0.5 watts.
  • N7YET, Dillon, MT, USA, at 2048 UTC, operating at 5 watts.

Of course, for me the effectiveness of this mode was proven last April when I was transmitting a 5 watt signal in WSPR on the 20 metre band and a station in Australia reported receiving it.

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