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I am also a licenced amateur radio operator, callsign VE3LXL. Information about my amateur radio station is found on my station website.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Firedrake Jammer 13970 kHz

Came across the Firedrake Jammer from China again. Today it was transmitting on 13970 kHz at 1230 UTC. Signal was fair. No talking as is normal for this station, just traditional Chinese orchestral music.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

CKFG-FM 98.7 MHz

There's a new FM station on the air here in Toronto: CKFG-FM, 98.7 MHz. Heard it today for the first time at 2100 UTC with excellent signal (as you'd expect). Callsign ID on the hour. Slogan ID is "G987". Show "Soca Therapy" with Caribbean music. 446 watts.

This is the 158th FM station I've logged from here in Toronto.

Before CKFG-FM occupied the frequency the CBC Radio One outlet in Peterborough usually came in with a decent signal on 98.7. I was actually surprised that the CRTC authorized a Toronto station on 98.7, because of the potential for interference with the Peterborough CBC station.

Shortwave Receptions

Received today on shortwave:
  • R. Exterior de España, 3350 kHz, at 0425 UTC in Spanish with poor signal. A rare reception of a station on the 90 metre broadcast band. No ID heard but I've logged REE here before, and it's the only station on this frequency, except for one in North Korea. 100 kW. 
  • Radio Netherlands, 11615 kHz at 2010 UTC in English from Kigali, Rwanda relay station. Good solid signal. To Africa, with show "Africa in Progress". 250 kW.
  • BSKSA, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 11820 kHz at 2012 UTC with fair signal. Tentative because no ID heard, but I've logged BSKSA here before, and it operates at 500 kW and is scheduled on at this time, so I think the ID is likely. No talk heard, just Arabic music.
  • Adventist World Radio, 11755 kHz, at 2014 UTC from relay station at Meyerton, South Africa in French with fair signal. Another tentative one, as no ID heard. AWR is scheduled on here at this time in French, and the announcer was speaking French with an African accent.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Firedrake Jammer 13920 kHz

Firedrake Jammer heard today on 13920 kHz at 1340 to 1353 UTC with very poor signal transmitting from somewhere inside China. No talk, just traditional Chinese music – only fragments heard. Tentative, but sounds exactly like the Firedrake Jammer as I've heard it before (and heard recordings online). Also 13920 is one of the frequencies of the Sound of Hope from Taiwan, which is what the Firedrake Jammer jams.