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Sunday, 23 August 2009

FM Logs Mon. August 10, 2009

I took Mon. Aug. 10 off work to go out of town - namely to pay a visit to the Long Sault Conservation Area north of Clarington, Ontario. Went for a three km hike there. Was planning to go for longer, but a torrential rainstorm cut things short. Fortunately I was near the end of the first trail I was going to walk, and therefore near my car. So I still got soaked but not entirely. I did some DXing on my car radio and logged four new stations.

First there are two more stations for the Toronto log. Both were heard in Scarborough, one when I was heading out of the city and one when I was returning home:
  1. CKSG-FM, 93.3, Cobourg ON, 2009-08-10, 16:05-16:15, Star 93.3. Relog for the overall log, but new to the Toronto log.
  2. CICZ-FM, 104.1, Midland ON, 2009-08-10, 20:05-20:15, 104.1 The Dock- Rock music. New station for overall log. Received during a tremendous rainstorm - I had pulled off the road and was sitting in the parking lot of a pharmacy waiting for the rain to ease off.
The other two new ones were heard up at Long Sault Conservation area. These were also heard during a downpour - I was in my car parked in the conservation area parking lot. As you can see from these, there was some tropo afoot. Both are new to the overall log.
  • WFRG, 104.3, Utica NY, 2009-08-10, 18:45-18:50, Big Frog 104.3.
  • WMJQ, 104.9, Brockport NY, 2009-08-10, 18:50-18:55, K-Love - religious.

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