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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Latest FM Loggings

I've logged a few more stations on FM from here in Toronto:
  1. WDVI, 100.5, Rochester NY, 2009-07-21, 11:43-11:48, 100.5 The Drive.
  2. CBL-2, 90.7, Paris ON, 2009-07-21, 11:54-12:00, CBC Radio Two.
  3. W214BB, 90.7, Lockport NY, 2009-07-21, 11:32-12:15, Reach FM.
  4. WBZA, 98.9, Rochester NY, 2009-07-22, 11:40-11:50, 98.9 The Buzz.
  5. Dollhouse FM, 90.7, Toronto ON, 2009-07-24, 02:21-03:31, Pirate?
  6. CJBC-5-FM, 106.3, Peterborough ON, 2009-07-25, 04:20-04:30, French - Radio-Canada.
  7. CJDV, 107.5, Cambridge ON, 2009-07-26, 04:10-04:20, Tri-cities Rock.
  8. WGCC-FM, 90.7, Batavia NY, 2009-07-31, 11:40-11:48, Rock.
As usual, dates and times are in UTC. Radios used here: Grundig Satellit 800, Grundig G8, Honda radio in my car.

I confirmed to my satisfaction that the CBC Radio Two station I was hearing on 90.7 on July 21 was from Paris, Ontario. There was a decent tropo opening to the south and southwest that morning, as shown by the reception of W214BB on 90.7 at the same time. It's only 27 watts. Meanwhile I saw no evidence of enhanced propagation from the north, so I'm pretty sure this wasn't the CBC outlet in Orillia.

"Dollhouse FM", which I received on 90.7, is interesting. I think it's either a pirate or someone in my neighbourhood with a legal low-power FM transmitter. I've received this a few times over the past month, although this was the first time I heard any sort of ID. The format is a mix of talk that seems like it's streamed from the Internet (e.g., Democracy Now from democracynow.org) and music and comedy bits. Twice, on other days, I heard the audio from a BBC TV documentary about Friedrich Nietzsche. No ads, no talk by an announcer, no IDs except for the rare "Dollhouse FM 90.7". It's worth noting that the content and the production both sound very professionally done. No idea who is doing this, but he's good at it.

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