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Monday, 31 May 2010

Update for May 2010

Still catching up on my radio logbook recordkeeping. Here are the highlights from May:

1. Added one station to the ultralight log: WRIE, 1260 kHz, Erie PA, on May 1, 2010 at 0130 UTC. Ultralight count is now 337.

2. Added one new station to the FM log: CHLK-FM, 88.1, Perth, ON, "Lake 88" on May 23, 2010 at 1916 UTC. This was received in Harrowsmith, Ontario (north of Kingston).

3. Did a lot of listening on the amateur bands and logged a bunch of amateur stations.

4. Did one new thing this month. I came across a couple of frequencies used for long-distance air traffic control - 5616 kHz for Gander Radio, and 5598 kHz for New York Radio. Listened for a while and heard them talking with aircraft crossing the Atlantic. This was on May 25 at 0330 to 0400 UTC.

5. Did a bit of shortwave broadcast listening, but didn't log anything particularly noteworthy.

6. Logged two maritime channel markers on May 10 around 0250 UTC: WLO in Mobile, Alabama on 4213 kHz, and TAH from Istanbul, Turkey on 4216.

7. Logged two VOLMET weather stations on May 26: Shannon VOLMET from Ireland on 5505 kHz at 0345 UTC, and RAF VOLMET from England on 5450 kHz at 0350 UTC.

8. Logged several longwave beacons on the afternoon of Sat. May 29 on a Grundig G5 portable, at the Limehouse Conservation Area in Limehouse, Ontario. This was after a hike in the area. Nothing new, but I was surprised to get YGK, 263 kHz, all the way from Kingston, Ontario - surprised as it was probably 300 km in the middle of the afternoon.

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