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Saturday, 24 December 2011

More DGPS Loggings

I had another session trying out DXing of DGPS stations on longwave today. This yielded a few good catches. As previously, I'll refer to them with IDs like DGPS-123 (meaning the station's transmitted identifier is 123):
  • DGPS-110, 309 kHz, 0545 UTC, poor signal. Location: Pickford, MI, USA.
  • DGPS-176, 325 kHz, 0616-0618 UTC, poor signal. Location: Medora, ND, USA.
  • DGPS-094, 324 kHz, 0620 UTC, poor signal. Location: Hudson Falls, NY, USA.
  • DGPS-036, 319 kHz, 0633 UTC, poor signal. Location: Savannah, GA, USA.
  • DGPS-044, 290 kHz, 0645UTC, poor signal. Location: Penobscot, ME, USA.
North Dakota, Maine, and Georgia on longwave - not bad. Gear: Sony ICF-2001D receiver, Sony AN-12 active antenna, DSC Decoder software.

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