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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

More Longwave Beacon Loggings

More longwave non-directional beacons logged while in Harrowsmith, Ontario (near Kingston). As usual, these are all operating in Morse code. Receiver was the Kaito KA-1103 on its built-in antenna.
  • UL, 248 kHz, Montreal Quebec, 0325 UTC, poor signal. Relog.
  • VV, 326 kHz, Wiarton Ontario, 0344 UTC, fair signal. Relog.
  • YFM, 332 kHz, La Grande-4 Quebec, 0346 UTC, good signal. Relog. This one is from northern Quebec on the La Grande river leading into James Bay.
  • YLD, 335 kHz, Chapleau Ontario, 0347 UTC, good signal. Relog, but previous logging was from Manitoulin Island, which is much closer to Chapleau.
  • YY, 340 kHz, Mont-Joli Quebec, 0354 UTC, good signal. Relog.
  • SB, 362 kHz, Sudbury Ontario, 0415 UTC. good signal. Relog.
  • YMW, 366 kHz, Maniwaki Quebec, 0416 UTC, fair signal. Relog.
  • RJ, 378 kHz, Roberval Quebec, 0417 UTC, fair to poor signal. Relog. This is my first logging of RJ on 378, but there's an entry in my logbook from a long, long time ago for the same RJ on 379. That was probably actually 378 but I misidentified the frequency back then.
  • RYS, 419 kHz, Detroit-Grosse Ile Michigan, 0432 UTC, poor signal. Relog.

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