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Sunday, 26 February 2012

KRPI 1550 DX Test

I added two stations to the mediumwave log today, thanks to a DX test. One of these is my first reception of a station from Washington state here in Toronto. Station KRPI in Ferndale, WA, 1550 kHz, held a half hour DX test from 0900-0930 UTC (that's 4 a.m. local time here). I set up things to record that frequency overnight and then reviewed the recording later to see if KRPI showed up. I got two new stations:
  • WDLR, Delaware, OH, with a poor signal. Spanish talk, and "la que buena" slogan IDs. No legal ID, but the slogan is enough to identify it with reasonable certainty. This station is 500 watts daytime, and supposedly only 29 watts at night. Sounded suspiciously strong for 29 watts.
  • KRPI (tentative), Ferndale, WA with very very poor signal under WDLR.  All I heard were some fragments of Morse code at 0900, 0904, 0913, and 0928 UTC. No ID but at 0900 I heard “PI”. This DX test was widely heard across North America, including here in Ontario by several DXers using ultralights. Since there would be no reason to hear Morse code on 1550 except for a DX test, I think I got it but can't be certain. So it gets counted but as a tentative logging.
This brings the count of mediumwave stations logged in Toronto to 388, and the overall count (logged from anywhere but mostly from Kingston, Ontario) to 970.

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