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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Three Useful Sites for Digital TV DXing

Here are three websites that I've found to be very useful for TV DXing:
  • RabbitEars: A very useful site for looking up details about digital TV stations broadcasting in your area. This is where I go to find out the actual RF channel that stations broadcast on.
  • FCC TV Query: The FCC's official site for looking up TV station information. You can get the RF channel numbers here too, but they don't list the displayed digital channel numbers so it is slightly less useful. But they do list the station's transmitter power, which the RabbitEars site doesn't.
  • This techFAQ article shows the RF frequencies for each TV channel. If you want to know what the actual frequency a TV station is on, you can find out here.

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Trip said...

A few weeks ago I started listing TPO on RabbitEars for stations for which that information is available from the FCC database.