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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Recent Ultralight Loggings

Another batch of stations logged on the Sony SRF-59. This brings the total ultralight count to 199 - one station away from 200!
  • 980 CFPL London, ON 2320 UTC 12-Nov-2008
  • 1410 WPOP Hartford, CT 2340 UTC 13-Nov-2008
  • 1460 WKDV Manassas, VA 0225 UTC 14-Nov-2008 Spanish
  • 1120 WUST Washington, DC 1230 UTC 14-Nov-2008 French
  • 1230 WHUC Hudson, NY 2225 UTC 16-Nov-2008
  • 1360 WNJC Washington Twp, NJ 2345 UTC 16-Nov-2008
CFPL 980 was one of those stations that proved to be surprisingly difficult to log, given its relative closeness to my location and its power (10 / 5 kW). It has taken me almost two months to log it. Yet CFPL is an easy daytime catch in cities like Mississauga and Brampton, just to the west of Toronto. I'm in central Toronto and must be just outside the range of its groundwave coverage and in an area that the skywave signal must be skipping over.

WPOP 1410 is another ESPN Radio outlet. This one at least was carrying local advertising that made identifying it easy.

WKDV 1460 is a Spanish station. It was IDing itself as "La Caliente".

WUST 1120 is an ethnic station in Washington. It confused me at first because it broadcasts in French in the morning, so I thought it might be a new Canadian station (as there are currently no Canadian stations on 1120).

WHUC 1230 plays "nostalgia" music; WNJC 1360 appeared to be carrying sports programming.

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