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Saturday, 11 August 2012

4XZ 4594 kHz

Heard on shortwave: station transmitting in Morse code, sending "V V V de 4XZ 4XZ BT". Time: 0150-0156 UTC. Frequency: 4594 kHz. Signal: Poor. 4XZ is an Israeli navy station, located in Haifa. This is my first time hearing it. "V V V" is what's called a V-marker, which a station that isn't currently handling traffic transmits to mark its frequency. "BT" is a prosign (the letters B and T sent together with no space, which is also the = character in Morse code). Literally it is supposed to mean "space down two lines" but in radio traffic it is often used to mean "break" or "pause".

DXing location: Hotel room at the Haven Inn, St. Anthony, NL.

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