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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Recent Ultralight Loggings

Loggings on the Sony SRF-59 over the past few days:
  • 1150 CJRC Gatineau, QC 0530 UTC 05-Oct-2008 French
  • 1220 WHKW Cleveland, OH 0555 UTC 05-Oct-2008
  • 1330 WFNN Erie, PA 2245 UTC 05-Oct-2008
  • 1360 WYOS Binghampton, NY 1210 UTC 07-Oct-2008
  • 1330 WRCA Waltham, MA 0325 UTC 08-Oct-2008
  • 1310 WLOB Portland, ME 0333 UTC 08-Oct-2008
  • 1260 WMKI Boston, MA 0457 UTC 08-Oct-2008
  • 1280 CFMB Montreal, QC 1053 UTC 08-Oct-2008 Italian
  • 1410 WDOE Dunkirk, NY 1135 UTC 08-Oct-2008
  • 1440 WJJL Niagara Falls, NY 1210 UTC 08-Oct-2008
  • 1440 WDRJ Inkster, MI 2244 UTC 08-Oct-2008
  • 1390 WCAT Burlington, VT 2310 UTC 08-Oct-2008
Total ultralight count: 154. Total U.S. states count: 23.

WMKI and CFMB come in here regularly, but it took over a week to log both of them because they seldom ID. WMKI is a Radio Disney station, and IDs itself only as Radio Disney, except for the legally required callsign ID on the hour. CFMB is an ethnic station in Montreal. In the morning it carries Italian programming, and apart from the required ID on the hour, I heard little that could identify it.

WCAT is the first station in Vermont I've logged on an ultralight; the 23rd state in all.

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