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Friday, 17 October 2008

Ultralight Loggings for the Past Week

Several more AM radio stations logged on the little Sony SRF-59 over the past week.
  • 960 WFGL Fitchburg, MA 2257 UTC 09-Oct-2008 Religious
  • 1510 WLAC Nashville, TN 0305 UTC 10-Oct-2008 Talk
  • 1510 WPGR Monroesville, PA 0305 UTC 10-Oct-2008 Religious
  • 1540 CHIN Toronto, ON 0342 UTC 10-Oct-2008 Multicultural
  • 1660 WQLR Kalamazoo, MI 1050 UTC 11-Oct-2008 Talk
  • 1570 WFLR Dundee, NY 1149 UTC 11-Oct-2008 Country music
  • 1380 WKDM New York, NY 2350 UTC 15-Oct-2008 Mandarin Chinese
  • 1660 WWRU Jersey City, NJ 0250 UTC 16-Oct-2008 Korean
  • 560 WIND Chicago, IL 0245 UTC 17-Oct-2008 News Talk
  • 560 CFOS Owen Sound, ON 0245 UTC 17-Oct-2008 Oldies
  • 930 WIZR Johnstown, NY 0310 UTC 17-Oct-2008 Oldies
  • 630 CFCO Chatham, ON 2345 UTC 17-Oct-2008 Country music
Total ultralight count: 166. Total U.S. States count: 24.

Three of these are new stations for my overall log: WFGL 960, WPGR 1510, and WKDM 1380. WWRU 1660 is the first station in my ultralight log from New Jersey.

CHIN, a local station for me, is showing up in the list now because I somehow missed it when I was logging my local stations back in September.

I was surprised to log WIZR 930. It was completely dominating over the semi-local WBEN Buffalo. Surprised because it runs only 28 watts at night and should not even be audible here, let alone overpowering a semi-local station. Just one more example of how radio is full of odd surprises.

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