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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Recent Ultralight Loggings

I've been busy the past few days, but I found time to log another batch of AM radio stations on the little Sony SRF-59:
  • 1200 WCHB Taylor (Detroit), MI 1141 UTC 21-Sept-2008
  • 1290 CJBK London, ON 2342 UTC 21-Sept-2008
  • 1260 WNSS Syracuse, NY 0345 UTC 22-Sept-2008
  • 1300 WOOD Grand Rapids, MI 0445 UTC 22-Sept-2008
  • 1300 WJFK Baltimore, MD 0445 UTC 22-Sept-2008
  • 1280 WADO New York, NY 0410 UTC 24-Sept-2008 Spanish
  • 1290 WKBK Keene, NH 0431 UTC 24-Sept-2008
  • 1350 WPDR Portage, WI 1050 UTC 24-Sept-2008
  • 1290 WNBF Binghampton, NY 1109 UTC 24-Sept-2008
  • 1310 CIWW Ottawa, ON 1113 UTC 24-Sept-2008
  • 1330 WEBO Owego, NY 1119 UTC 24-Sept-2008
  • 1330 WSPQ Springville, NY 1119 UTC 24-Sept-2008
Total ultralight count is now 111, in 22 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces.

Two of these stations are new for my overall log: WPDR 1350, from Portage, WI, and WSPQ 1330, Springville, NY. I'm a bit surprised that I haven't logged WSPQ before - Springville is not far from Buffalo, so semi-local for me.

I've logged the Baltimore station on 1300 before, but not under its current WJFK callsign. I last logged it when it was still WFBR. It stopped using the WFBR callsign back in 1988. This is a very old station - it began broadcasting back in the 1920s.

Listening in the morning for about an hour after sunrise is an effective way to hear stations you otherwise could not. There is still some remnant of nighttime skywave propagation during that time, but many stations have switched to their higher daytime power, which makes them much more audible.

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