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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Ultralight Loggings: Sept. 17, 2008

Today's loggings on the SRF-59:
  • 540 CBEF Windsor, ON 0350 UTC
  • 540 CBGA-1 New Carslisle, QC 0409 UTC
  • 570 WKBN Youngstown, OH 0418 UTC
  • 620 WHEN Syracuse, NY 1210 UTC
  • 1040 WYSL Avon, NY 2327 UTC
This brings the total to 78.

CBGA-1 is a French language CBC (Radio-Canada) station and was carrying the same programming as CBEF on the same frequency. They were slightly out of synch and CBGA was audible as a sort of backwards echo, coming slightly ahead of the dominant CBEF. If it had been the other way around, I would have assumed that the fainter "echo" was just a reflection of CBEF coming in by a slightly longer path. But since the "echo" was first, I don't think it can be a reflection of CBEF. Which leaves CBGA, the only other French CBC station of any power on 540, as the only possibility.

WHEN on 620 is just another sports station now, but it's kind of nice to get because it used to be a semi-local station for me, when I was living in Kingston, Ontario as a kid.

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