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Sunday, 21 September 2008

Ultralight Loggings: Sept. 20, 2008

Saturday's loggings on the Sony SRF-59:
  • 1000 WMVP Chicago, IL 0225 UTC
  • 980 CKRU Peterborough, ON 0237 UTC
  • 980 WTEM Washington, DC 0241 UTC
  • 960 WFIR Roanoke, VA 0302 UTC
  • 910 WABI Bangor, ME 0307 UTC
  • 1070 CHOK Sarnia, ON 0315 UTC
  • 1160 WDJO Florence, KY 0345 UTC
  • 1190 WSDE Cobleskill, NY 1110 UTC
  • 1200 WRKK Hughsville, PA 1117 UTC
  • 1200 CFGO Ottawa, ON 1117 UTC
Total ultralight count: 99.

None of these are new stations for me, but WTEM 980 and CFGO 1200 have changed their callsigns since the last time I logged them.

I was a bit surprised to hear CKRU 980. This station had been approved to move to FM and I thought they had made the switch already. However, Wikipedia says that the move is on hold because the FM frequency they had applied to use got assigned to another station. So CKRU will remain on 980 until they can get approval for a different frequency (probably 100.5).

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