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Monday, 15 September 2008

Ultralight Loggings: Sept. 15, 2008

More ultralight loggings. I finished doing a bandscan of the stations audible here during daylight hours, and I also logged some more clear chanel stations late at night. All received on the Sony SRF-59.
  • 890 WLS Chicago, IL 0508 UTC
  • 810 WGY Schenectady, NY 0510 UTC
  • 720 WGN Chicago, IL 0515 UTC
  • 710 WOR New York, NY 0518 UTC
  • 700 WLW Cincinnati, OH 0519 UTC
  • 760 WJR Detroit, MI 0531 UTC
  • 890 WAMG Dedham, MA USA 0555 UTC
  • 880 WCBS New York, NY USA 0600 UTC
  • 1270 WHLD Niagara Falls, NY 1250 UTC
  • 1320 CJMR Mississauga, ON 1350 UTC
  • 1340 WLVL Lockport, NY 1455 UTC
  • 1400 WWWS Buffalo, NY 1655 UTC
  • 1430 CHKT Toronto, ON 1702 UTC
  • 1690 CHTO Toronto, ON 1800 UTC
  • 1580 CKDO Oshawa, ON 1802 UTC
  • 1610 CHHA Toronto, ON 1828 UTC
  • 1520 WWKB Buffalo, NY 1828 UTC
The list starts off with six stations with three letter callsigns. That's because after logging the first two, I decided to log as many more as I easily could before doing anything else.

WAMG, 890, is a new station for me, and is noteworthy because this is only the second station I've ever received on 890. The first was WLS, of course, and that was way back in 1976.

WWWS 1400 in Buffalo, NY is also a new catch. Buffalo is semi-local for me and I had no idea that there were any stations there that I hadn't got long ago. I guess I missed it because I seldom DX the AM band during the day, and at night this station would be inaudible because of interference from the dozens of other stations on 1400.

Total ultralight count: 65

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