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Saturday, 20 September 2008

Ultralight Loggings: Sept. 19, 2008

Only four new stations on the Sony SRF-59 on Sept. 19:
  • 920 WHJJ Providence, RI 0335 UTC
  • 940 CINW Montreal, QC 0348 UTC
  • 950 WIBX Utica, NY 0528 UTC
  • 980 WOFX Troy, NY 0545 UTC
All of these are stations I've received before, but I had not logged "WOFX" before. The last time I logged the 980 station from Troy, NY, it was still WTRY. The callsign was changed back in 2000.

CINW in Montreal was until recently 940 News, Montreal's all-news station (a sister station to Toronto's 680 News), and then it went to a talk format. Now it has abandoned the talk format altogether and is playing oldies. I guess that the English-language market in Montreal isn't big enough to support several talk radio stations, and CINW was up against CJAD in that market.

CINW, incidentally, is the oldest broadcasting station in Canada, and one of the very oldest in the world. It began life as the experimental broadcasting station XWA in December 1919, became CFCF in 1920, and kept that callsign until 1991 when it became CIQC. In 1999 it moved from 600 kHz to 940 and changed callsign again, this time to the current CINW.

Total ultralight count: 89

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