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Saturday, 27 September 2008

Ultralight Loggings: Sept. 26, 2008

Another 7 stations logged on the Sony SRF-59, bringing the total count to 118:
  • 1270 WXYT Detroit, MI 0330 UTC
  • 1370 WFEA Manchester, NH 0430 UTC
  • 1280 WHTK Rochester, NY 1110 UTC
  • 1300 WXRL Lancaster, NY 1144 UTC
  • 1370 WXXI Rochester, NY 1149 UTC
  • 1380 CKPT Brantford, ON 1157 UTC
  • 1380 WABH Bath, NY 1207 UTC
Of these seven, one is a new station for me: WABH 1380. WXYT 1270 and WXXI 1370 are relogs but their callsigns have changed since I last recorded them.

WFEA 1370 has the distinction of being New Hampshire's oldest AM radio station. It went on the air in 1932 and has been broadcasting continuously since. It has also never changed its callsign, which is also unusual.

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