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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Today's Ultralight Loggings

After reading about Robert Ross's achievements (see here - look for Heavy Duty DXing) in DXing with "ultralight" radios (small pocket radios intended for the consumer, not the DXer, market), and after seeing that a new set of awards has been created for ultralight DXing, I've decided to try my hand at it. So here are the stations I've logged today on my ultralight, a Sony SRF-59.
  • 1150 CKOC Hamilton, ON 0424 UTC
  • 1130 WBBR New York, NY 0430 UTC
  • 990 CKGM Montreal, QC 2357 UTC
What actually got me interested in doing this was my reception the other day of Radio Rebelde in Cuba on 1180 kHz. After logging it on a Kaito KA-1103, on impulse I checked to see if I could hear it on the SRF-59. The fact that it was there and was coming in almost as well as on the 1103 really astonished me. This is a tiny AM/FM pocket radio, after all, and I'm hearing an AM station from Cuba up here in Toronto on it. So I want to see just what it is capable of.

In addition to today's three loggings, I've also logged a few other stations on the SRF-59 before today:
  • 1200 WKST New Castle, PA 1254 UTC 8-Jan-2008
  • 1180 CMBA-R. Rebelde, Villa Maria, Cuba 0710 UTC 7-Sept-2008
  • 1140 WRVA Richmond, VA 0503 UTC 8-Sept-2008

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