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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Digital TV Loggings

I bought a new television a few days ago, but before I set it up today I decided to do one final scan for digital TV stations using the old TV and digital converter. No new stations turned up, but I did add, or rather re-add, several stations to the log. Analog TV broadcasting was shut down in Canada last August (except for in a few remote locations), but most of the local TV stations were broadcasting in both analog and digital for a few years already. Many of these stations were using temporary channel assignments for their digital signals, and when the analog transmitters went dark, they switched their digital signals to their permanent RF channels. Local CFTO, for example, channel 9, was actually broadcasting their digital signal on channel 40. But once the analog transmitter was shut off, they switched the digital signal to RF channel 9. So what I did today was log these stations on their new RF channels, and added them to the log. (In the logging system I've used since the dawn of time stations get re-logged when they change callsigns or operating frequency). Here are the updates to the log:

  • CFTO-TV, Toronto, ON. RF channel: 9 (186 MHz). Digital channel 9-1. Time: 1744 UTC. CTV. 
  • CHCH-DT, Hamilton, ON. RF channel: 11 (198 MHz). Digital channel 11-1. Time: 1747 UTC.
  • CBLFT-DT, Toronto, ON. RF channel: 25 (536 MHz). Digital channel 25-1. Time: 1756 UTC. Radio-Canada, French.
  • CITS-HD, Hamilton, ON. RF channel 36 (602 MHz). Digital channel 36. Time: 1804 UTC. Religious.
  • CIII, Toronto, ON. RF channel 41 (632 MHz). Digital channels 41-1 and 41-2. Time 1806-1808 UTC. Global TV.
  • CFMT-TV, Toronto, ON. RF channel 47 (668 MHz). Digital channel 47-1. Time: 1810 UTC. Omni 1.
  • CITY-TV, Toronto, ON. RF channel 44 (650 MHz). Digital channel 57-1. Time: 1812 UTC. City TV.
  • CJMT-TV, Toronto, ON. RF channel 51 (692 MHz).Digital channel 69-1. Time: 1814 UTC. Omni 2.

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