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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Shortwave Loggings for Jan 4, 2012

Logged on shortwave today:
  • R. Exterior de España, 9675 kHz at 0555-0600 UTC in Spanish from relay station at Cariari de Pococi, Costa Rica. Very good signal. Talk and pop music. ID and interval signal on the hour then off air. 100 kW.
  • 9310 kHz at 1245-1255 UTC. Very, very weak station heard – no program details, just a faint signal with occasional fragments of human speech. According to WRTH 2011 there are three stations on this frequency: (1) Family Radio from Kazakhstan, (2) VOA from Thailand, and (3) RFE/RL from Philippines. According to short-wave.info the only station on this frequency at this time is Family Radio in Filipino from Almaty-Nikolayevko, Kazakhstan. Since short-wave.info is pretty reliable, I'm very tentatively saying this is the Kazakhstan station.
  • 9350 kHz at 1300-131 UTC. Weak station with female announcer in unidentified language. Too weak to hear any identifying details. According to short-wave.info the only station on 9350 at this time is R. Free Asia in Tibetan from Tajikistan. ID is very, very tentative.
  • WTJC, Morehead City - Newport, NC, USA, on 9370 kHz at 1312-1318 UTC in English with fair to good signal. Religious - gospel program followed by music. Relog.
  • Radio Marti, Greenville, NC, USA, on 13820 kHz at 1430-1500 UTC in Spanish. To Cuba, 250 kW. Talk, music, ID on hour.

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